Survey Assistants


PTIS - Survey Assistant Procurement Details
  • Notification / Advertisement Details
  • List of Candidates Applied
Sl.NO Name Address Qualification
 1  Paramesha V  Madhuvanahalli, 23rd Ward, K.R.Nagar  


 2  Manjunatha K  Madhuvanahalli, 23rd Ward, K.R.Nagar   P.U.C

  • Selection Committee Details
Sl.NO Name Designation
 1  K.C.Nagaraju

 Chief Officer

 T.M.C. K.R.Nagar

  • List of Selected Candidates
Sl.NO Name Qualification Age Date of Appointment Remuneration
 1  Paramesha V   P.U.C  20  03-08-2009 Rs. 10/- Per Property
 2  Manjunatha K   P.U.C  26  03-08-2009  Rs. 10/- Per Property

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